What does @cfn-modules actually do for me?

So I’m trying to get secrets running for my APP_KEY problem (that’s another topic) so I went digging through the node_modules/ dir expecting to find code and I find mostly yml and json files. The only Javascript I see is in the tests/ dirs.

So what does your fine repo actually do for me?

I’m guessing there’s a paradigm I’m not getting.

Reusing CloudFormation templates (the yaml files) is hard. Most often, templates are initially copied and then modified.

Two problems arise. First, updates to the copy are not applied to the original. Second, updates to the original are not applied to the copy. In essence: we do not learn from each other!

By using an easy to use package manager (npm) you can install and update cfn-modules to spin up complex infrastructure in minutes that just works.

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