Update for video: Docker Desktop DOES support Windows 10 Home now

Guys, in Chapter 1, “preparing your machine”, you indicate how Windows 10 Home is not supported for installing Docker Desktop, and that was true for a couple of years but it changed in May 2020. Perhaps you’re aware and just hadn’t gotten to updating the video, but it’s potentially significant to some viewers so seems worth at least a popup clarification. Then again, some may only listen on their phone so could miss that. (FWIW, I have a machine running DD on WinHome and it works fine.)

:partying_face: That’s great news. I added the link to install Docker on Windows 10 Homehttps://docs.docker.com/docker-for-windows/install-windows-home/

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Thanks, but do you mean perhaps you only added a link in the text below the video? We don’t see those unless we scroll down to see them, of course. Can you confirm if you did change or will be changing the video?

Not nagging or pressing to do it “now”, but just trying to understand how significant you feel the problem is and whether you’d be changing the video at all, if you have not.

Hi @carehart
Updating videos is a lot of effort (recording, editing, rendering, …). Therefore, we queue changes and work on them in batches. The Windows 10 Home issue is the first and only item in the queue at the moment.

In the meantime, learners using Windows 10 Home have to either read the video description or find your thread here to get help. I hope that works.


Are you saying that even adding a pop-up to the video at that moment would be difficult? If so, the I will let it go at this point.

As always, just trying to help.

It turned out to be easier than expected. I just hat to cut out the Windows part. No re-recording needed. :+1:

There you go. :slight_smile:

(To anyone reading along, it doesn’t mean he decided that telling Windows users how to install Docker Dekstop wasn’t worth the bother. It’s instead that at @115 his second slide shows that it needs to be installed for all OS’s and he mentioned there already the links at the bottom. And he has there separate links for Windows Pro/Ent/Edu and then Home, and those DO show how to install.)

Good solution, Michael. And glad to hear that editing out that reference was easy for you. I listened to the place where you removed it and it’s a seamless edit. Problem solved.



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I’m happy to hear that!

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