Unable to define "AppEntryPoint" in cfn-modules/fargate-scheduled-task

First, thanks for the eBook - I found it an invaluable resource.

But I ran into a problem that has me stumped:

    Description: 'Optional entry point for app container.'
    Type: String
    Default: ''

I tried:

AppEntryPoint: '/usr/local/bin/php /var/www/html/artisan'

result: Model validation failed (#/ContainerDefinitions/0/EntryPoint: expected type: JSONArray, found: String

I tried:

    - '/usr/local/bin/php'
    - '/var/www/html/artisan'

result: Value of property Parameters must be an object with String (or simple type) properties

I tried various other variations - all of which ended with the same error. I tried searching the web for both error messages, but could not find any conclusive answers.

I’m at a loss - how do I correctly define an EntryPoint?

Hi hobby!

Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the community!

You found a bug in the module. AppEntryPoint should be of type CommaDelimitedList: I’m working on a fix: https://github.com/cfn-modules/fargate-scheduled-task/pull/11

After the fix is merged and you updated the version of the module, you should use:

AppEntryPoint: ‘/usr/local/bin/php,/var/www/html/artisan’

Version 1.3.1 contains the fix

Yeah, I already had a hunch that Type: String might be wrong there.

Thanks for the fix.

That was quick! :smiley:

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