S3 Event Notification gets fired on empty file

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Greetings Cloudonaut Cummunity.

I have a Java Application that uses Transfermanager.upload() to upload a file to a S3 bucket.
The S3 bucket event notification for the upload triggers a lambda function that reads the uploaded file.

With S3 versioning I can see first the whole file is uploaded, and then an empty file with the same name is uploaded. The lambda function is then trying to read the empty file.

The Java Application is running in an ECS docker container in the Frankfurt region and has an EFS where the file is being uploaded from.
The S3 bucket is in the Ireland region.

Any suggestions/hints on how to get the whole file to the lambda function??

Can you share your upload code? It looks like you upload the file two times? Once with data and once without?

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