Please increase font size at terminal in future videos

Guys, I’ve watched the first several videos and whenever you drop to the command line, the font is quite small. I’m sure it’s legible on your monitors as you record it. :slight_smile: But consider that:

  • some of us may view the videos on smaller laptops or chromebooks, or on windowed browsers, or (toughest of all) mobile phones or tablets
  • and even on a “normal” monitor experience, consider also that the thinkific UI shows the video in a rather small window within a windows, within the right pane (about 60% of that), with the right pane only 60% of the total view
  • and sure, one can click to switch to full screen within the thinkific video ui, but note that doing that loses the elements that permit going to the next video at the end of each (whether automatically or by pressing contnue/spacebar). At least in my experience, we HAVE to leave the full-screen view to do that
  • finally, some of us are simply a bit older: presbyopia sucks. You’ll appreciate this concern in due time:-)

I appreciate that you’re smart guys and also customer-focused, so you may have felt that the font size was/is fine. And maybe no one else has raised the concern. That’s why I’m elaborating on things above, rather than just making a terse or capricious suggestion. I leave this to your wisdom and judgment.

I hear you! Can you send me a screenshot of how it looks on your screen?

It might get slightly better in later chapters (I increased the font size a little bit), but that might not be enough. Let me know if you see an improvement in chapter 4.

Sure. Please see attached.

And of course, I could offer a landscape shot but that thinkific ui becomes so tiny as to be only about 25% of available screen real estate, so that really nothing can be read, even your slides.

But if I do go to full screen for the video, here is that

THAT screenshot, but of course it really doesn’t convey how small the letters appear on a typical phone, unless you’re viewing the screenshot, even in landscape on a phone. :slight_smile:

Oh, and yes, I just checked and the changes by chapter 4 are better. The slightly larger font (and perhaps as much, the white background) are at least legible even on a mobile device, especially in landscape mode.

I appreciate that there’s a line to walk between too small and too large. Maybe just a little larger in the future would be good, but again if you get to redoing the early ones even that current improvement would help many, I’m sure.

Time will tell, of course, what the feedback of others will be, for or against on the matter

Thanks for the screenshots. I’m not sure if we can get the font large enough to make it easy to read in landscape mode. But it is worth trying.

Landscape mode seems to be possible with a larger font. We can improve that in future recordings.

Keep in mind that all the typed commands are available in the video description for copy&paste.


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