Error when running

Getting up and running on a Mac. Following the instructions, I downloaded the source code and expanded it to a directory

/Users/ghassett/Dropbox/Rapid\ Docker\ on\ AWS\ Book/docker-on-aws-code/

I then change directories to that directory and do “bash”, and I get the following error:

docker: invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase.

I suspect that this is because the full path to the docker-on-aws-code directory contains upper case characters (e.g., the D in Dropbox or the U in Users). But there must be a way around this – my path is always going to be /Users/ghassett/something-or-other, with a capital U in Users.

Help? Thanks!


I’m sorry that the temporary working environment is not working for you. I don’t think that the uppercase characters in the path are an issue (I’m running a Mac myself and my home dir is /Users/michael). The issues might be the spaces in the path.

Could you replace the contents of with:


mkdir -p $HOME/.aws
touch $HOME/.gitconfig
docker run -it --rm -v "$(pwd):/src:rw" -v "$HOME/.aws:/root/.aws:rw" -v "$HOME/.gitconfig:/root/.gitconfig:rw" -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock cloudonaut/docker-on-aws-working-env:1579867556

And try again.


Thanks, Michael – that did the trick!

// greg //

I’m happy to hear this. I’m preparing a patch to fix this issue for all future readers.
Thanks for reporting the issue!

Edit: A new version is released with a fix.