Any EFS examples?

I went through all the php-basic examples, everything works perfect, thanks for so much care in having reliable steps in the group. I knew docker and some cloudformation before reading the book, but having it all ready to run helps you forget about all the noise (“what is the right parameter for that?”, “where should I get that ID?”) and focus on the process of getting the application built and running.

Now I am starting to play with my own stuff, and I would ask: what would be the cfn-modules way of adding an EFS mount to my app containers?

Best, Carlos.

Hi Carlos,

thank you for your feedback!

EFS support was added recently to Fargate. Unfortunately, CloudFormation does not yet support the setting… you can track the progress here:


Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

Any suggestions on what to use in order to implement a shared volume between containers, like a Wordpress “uploads” folder?

Best, Carlos.

That’s not possible at the moment.

You could store the files on S3. There are plugins for WordPress to help you with that.