#010 EventBridge Refresher - Latest features explained

From time to time, I scroll through major service announcements by AWS. One thing I noticed: EventBridge received four new major features (content filtering, schema registry, DLQs, replay & archival) this year already.

Amazon EventBridge (formerly CloudWatch Events) is a fully managed, publish/subscribe system. The publisher sends a JSON event to an event bus. If you want to receive events, you create a rule. If the published event matches with a rule, the event is routed to up to five targets. More than 15 target types are supported (including SQS, SNS, Lambda). EventBridge guarantees are similar to SNS Standard: zero operational effort but no order guarantee and at least once delivery of messages.

In this video, I demo the new features and help you to avoid the pitfalls.

If you are interested in the difference between EventBridge and SNS, check out our latest blog post as well!

CloudFormation code: eventbridge-demo.zip (7.0 KB)

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A correction regarding the random replay behavior. From the docs:

A replay processes events to replay based on the time in the event, and replays them using 1 minute intervals. If you specify an event start time and an event end time that covers a 20 minute time range, the events are replayed from the first minute of that 20 minute range first.

Thanks to Siva Palli from AWS for letting me know!